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Spredy – Terms & Conditions

By registering to participate in Spredy (the "Game") you agree to be bound by and to abide by the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”).

Applications and Registration
  1. All applications to participate in the Game must be made online on Spredy website at (the "Site"). No applications made in any other manner will be accepted. Where your application is accepted, you have successfully "Registered" and will become a "Player" of the Game.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, all decisions in respect of the Game (including conditions of application or Registration, usernames, deadlines within the Game, winners of Prizes or the Game Rules (as defined below)), shall be at Spredy’s absolute discretion. All such decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. Registration for the Game is open to both Nigerian and non-Nigerian residents.
  4. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to Register or permitted to play the Game.
  5. No purchase of any item or service is necessary in order to enter the Game and no payment is required from you.
  6. Registrations must not be made by agents or third parties. No responsibility can be accepted for lost, delayed or incomplete Registrations or Registrations not received by Spredy for any reason. Any such Registrations will be deemed void.
  7. There is no limit on the number of Registrations per household or organisation. However, only one Registration for the Game per user of the Site is permitted. Individuals are not permitted to register multiple accounts on the Site.
  8. Spredy reserves the right to suspend and delete Registrations that contain usernames which are deemed to be inappropriate or offensive. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the Player's account may be deleted in its entirety without notice. Any such decision to do so by the Spredy is final. Alternatively, Spredy may reject such a name and require a new one to be selected within 7 days. A failure to do so, or in the event another inappropriate or offensive name is selected, the Player will be held to be in breach of these Terms.
  9. In submitting a Registration and becoming a Player, you will be providing personal data to Spredy.
  10. The Game Rules
  11. The Game will be governed by the Game Rules (as amended from time to time) published on the Site by Spredy ("Game Rules"). Spredy reserves the right to alter, amend or supplement the Game Rules in its absolute discretion in the event of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control arising or where it considers it desirable to do so. You agree that no liability shall attach to the Spredy as a result of any such change and so are advised to check the Game Rules regularly. The Game Rules form part of these Terms and by Registering for the Game, you accept the Game Rules.
  12. Spredy will be the sole decision-maker of any matter of interpretation of the Game Rules and any aspect of the content of, or playing of, the Game. Spredy will not enter into correspondence relating to such matters and its decision as to any matter arising out of or in connection with the Game Rules including but not limited to the allocation of points to any Player and/or the award of any Prize and/or any ranking or league table shall be final and conclusive.
  13. Prizes and Winner's Details
  14. Spredy may choose to award prizes in respect of the Game ("Prizes"). Such Prizes will be available at the discretion of Spredy and in accordance with criteria set by it. Spredy reserves the right to alter and amend the Prizes or the criteria for winning a Prize, where circumstances beyond its reasonable control require it to do so.
  15. Prizes are not transferable and are non-exchangeable. Spredy will make reasonable endeavours to accommodate any needs or requirements of Prize recipients. However, where the recipient is unavailable on the dates provided by Spredy, the Prize may be forfeited, or another recipient selected.
  16. Subject to compliance with these Terms, all Players (excluding those listed in clause 3) are eligible to win the Prizes.
  17. Prizes may be in form of cash which will be paid into the account provided by the player.
  18. Players outside the Federal Republic of Nigeria are Free to play but not eligible to win/collect any prizes.
  19. In cases where there are more than one winner for that game, the first player according to 'time played' shall be awarded the prize.
  20. Responsibility and Remedies
    The extent of Spredy's responsibility to you has been determined in the context of the following:
  21. the Game is provided to you free of charge;
  22. you are responsible for any action you do or do not take as a result of the Game and the information therein;
  23. you are responsible for ensuring that your equipment is enabled with appropriate up-to-date virus checking software.
  24. While Spredy will endeavour to ensure that the Game is available to you at all times and that the contents are correct and accurate, it cannot make any legal commitment to you that this will be the case. However, Spredy will exercise reasonable skill and care in providing any service to you.
  25. Spredy cannot accept any liability to you for any of the following types of loss which you may suffer as a result of your entry to the Game:
  26. loss which was not foreseeable to you and Spredy when you first applied for the Game (even if that loss results from Spredy's failure to comply with these Terms or its negligence);
  27. any business loss you may suffer, including loss of revenue, profits, or anticipated savings (whether those losses are the direct or indirect result of Spredy's default);
  28. loss which you suffer other than as a result of our failure to comply with these Terms or our negligence or breach of statutory duty;
  29. any loss which you may suffer as a result of or in connection with or arising out of any Prize.
  30. Nothing in these terms will limit Spredy's liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence or if they deliberately lied to you before you entered.
  31. Any breach by you of the Game Rules from time to time shall also be a breach of these terms and conditions.
  32. In the event of any breach by you of these terms and conditions Spredy reserves the right to:
  33. refuse entry to the Game;
  34. disqualify you from the Game;
  35. require any reasonable amendment to your application or entry.
  36. If you are barred or disqualified from being Registered as a Player, you shall not be eligible to participate in the Game under any other identity or username. Any such decision by Spredy shall be final.
  37. If any of these Terms are determined to be illegal, invalid, or otherwise enforceable then the remaining terms shall continue in full force and effect.
  38. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Promoter: Clever Logic Concepts.